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Editions and Copyright Information

The Japanese edition of KOGOSHUI has been created by JHTI, referring to the Vol. 5 of Shintō Taikei: Koten Chūshaku published by Shinto Taikei Hensankai in 1986. Ancient Japanese characters have been transposed into modern Japanese ones.

The English translation of the KOGOSHUI inserted on JHTI has been taken from Kogoshūi: Gleanings from Ancient Stories translated with an introduction and notes by Genchi Katō and Hikoshirō Hoshino (The Zaidan-Hōjin-Meiji-Seitoku-Kinen-Gakkai, Meiji Japan Society, 1925).

Each page or paragraph of the Japanese original of the KOGOSHUI is cross-tagged with that same paragraph in English translation, making it possible for the user to see ON THE SAME SCREEN different versions of the paragraph containing the word or passage being studied.